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Infrared Camera Used for Medical Application

Featuring painless, non-invasive and non-radiative qualities, thermal imagers are used to see anomalies invisible to the naked eyes. They are such sensitive diagnostic tools for a multitude of clinical and experimental situations, ranging form the disease of people such as SARS, avian flue, breast cancer, back pain, kidney to the animal disease such as inflammation, muscle injury and nerve injury etc. Those changes are impossible or very difficult to be detected with X-Ray, CT scans or MRIs could be easily detected by a thermal imager.

Nowadays, new advanced infrared technology is used to detect heat and inflammation. Thermal imagers are excellent tools for those tough lameness's and soft tissue injuries.  For example, Body temperature is a very useful parameter for diagnosing diseases. We have used Infrared imagers to study temperature gradients observed in the affected regions of patients with vascular disorders. The affected region could is presented with abnormal blood flow and could be easily detected.  

Thermal imaging results are well correlated with the clinical findings. Certain areas on the affected limbs show increased temperature profiles, probably due to inflammation and underlying venous flow changes. In general the temperature contrast in the affected regions is about 0.7 to 1° C above the normal regions, due to sluggish blood circulation. The results suggest that the thermal imaging technique is an effective technique for detecting small temperature changes in the human body due to vascular disorders.