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Infrared Window

Infrared Window

Infrared Window
GUIDE infrared window allows you to inspect electrical cabinets and other systems directly without opening the enclosure since all the infrared, ultraviolet and visual light can pass through the special IR optic window smoothly. It is used to remove the risk to thermograhpers by ensuring that they are never exposed to electrical equipment, thus ensuring safe IR inspection of electrical switchgear. With this infrared window, the switchgear always remains shut during the inspection, eliminating 99.9% of the causes of arc flash.
Our infrared window comes with customized diameters and could work with all infrared cameras for applications in low, medium and high voltage equipment.

Name Model
ZnS window Ф40*5/Ф46.6*3
Si Plane window Ф142*135*8.5
Ge window Ф17*2/Ф27/Ф42*2/Ф76*5/Ф80*5/Ф85*5/Ф91*5/Ф95*4/Ф105*6/ Ф105/Ф128*6/Ф140*10/Ф144*6/Ф145*10/Ф154/Ф159
Si window Ф31/Ф70/Ф86*5/Ф116.6*6.5/Ф128*6Ф145*10/Ф154/Ф156/Ф180
long wave window (Ge) 202.9*148.4*10
long wave window (Si) Ф202.9*148.4*10

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