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Firefighting Helmet Mounted Thermal Imager

GUIDIR® HT11 Firefighting Helmet Mounted Thermal Imager

Firefighting Helmet Mounted Thermal Imager
Lightweight and easy to operate, the HT firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager is the third eye for the firefighters. The thermal imager sets the hands free, and offers clear and crisp thermal image for the fighters through clouds of smoke, which can greatly increase the rescuing efficiency and ensure their safety. The wireless video transmission equipment also allows seeing inside the fire incident for an immediate and most authorized decision.

Search and rescue
Situational firefighting
Routine fire-prevention inspection

Features and Benefits
1. The thermal imager has advanced helmet mounted design which sets your hands free.
2. Featuring unique chucking design, the HT firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager is available to be mounted on all popular fire helmets.
3. Accurate temperature measurement helps locate the fire source efficiently.
4. One button only provides you a clear thermal world during firefighting, which is so fast and helps increase the efficiency.
5. With Super Red Hot technology, the HT firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager makes sure firefighters can effectively be alerted by the areas of intense heat and identify the spread of fire.
6. Wireless transmission (optional)

Technical Specifications ofFirefighting Helmet Mounted Thermal Imager

Resolution 160 x120
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Pitch 25μm x 25μm
Frequency 25Hz PAL/ 30Hz NTSC
FOV 43°×33°
System Characteristics
Video Output PAL
Polarity Pseudo color
Red Hot 220℃
Power Supply System
Batteries Li-ion batteries, rechargeable
Operating Time 2hrs
External Power Supply AC adapter 110~240VAC
Consumption 2.7W
Temperature Range -20℃~+250℃
Physical Characteristics
Size 82mm(H)×81mm(W)×89mm(L)
Weight 460g (not including chucking appliance)
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