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Fever Sensing

Since dangerous virus epidemics, like swine flu, SARS, bird flu, epidemics spread, the world is in need of a fast, easy, non-contact, non-invasive method to detect elevated human body temperature differences. Infrared technology is one of such methods.

With an infrared imager, it is easy to measure whether a person's body temperature exceeds a certain value. Since fever is one of the symptoms of most infectious diseases, infrared camera can easily detect whether a person carries the risk of having an infectious disease or not. It produces infrared images or heat pictures which allow displaying even the smallest temperature differences.
IR236 fever sensing system measures temperature differences as small as 0.3 ºC. It has proven itself as a tool that can be operated by non-specialists after a few hours of training. It enables a quick and accurate scan of a large number of people to trace fever, a major symptom of viral infections.