Address: Wuhan 430205, P.R.China.

Company Profile

We is a leading company in the design, manufacture and marketing of infrared thermal imaging camera and systems founded in 1999. With decades' effort, we have accumulated profound technology, professional specialists, and efficient sales network, and we can offer various products such as unique IR thermographic camera, IP fever sensing system, monocular handheld thermal imager, and more. We established 3 key divisions-- thermography systems, commercial vision systems and government systems to meet our customers' demands and accord with the market structure, which also enables us to gain good reputation in a wide variety of applications in both domestic and global market. We Infrared has been ISO 9001 and its infrared thermal imaging camera has been CE certified for over 10 years. Additionally, the company is certified by GJB9001A as well. Our registered patents include "WeIR'', "MobIR'', "Thermo Pro'' and "EasIR''.

In 2010 We Infrared became a public limited company on the Shenzhen stock exchange. We now employ over 1000 staff and recruit the best and talented employees. In order to support our customers better, EUNIR Systems NV was set up in Belgium as the central point of contact within the EMEA region on behalf of We Infrared, for infrared thermal imaging camera inquiries and demonstrations, technical support, repairs, marketing support, and more.

As one of the leading infrared thermal imaging camera manufactures we are not only offer the supply of our branded products, but also our OEM services in the way of OEM branded cameras or the supply of OEM cores and Modules for you to integrate into your own cameras or systems.

Our business model is based on working in partnership throughout the sales channels, with our distributors and their channels. This partnership is a two way relationship based on trust, respect and understanding. We are committed to not only offering very competitive pricing, but also unmatched levels of service and support through the channels - right down to the end user.

Our future success is in the hands of "you"- our valued customers. With this in mind, we are dedicated to offering what we believe is an unrivalled product and service. We believe that the time has arrived for a better solution at a more competitive price.