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Thermal Imaging Driving Assistant System

N-Driver™ Thermal Imaging Driving Assistant System

Thermal Imaging Driving Assistant System

Featured with sharp live imaging, extremely wide viewing range, thermal camera sees through total darkness, thick smoke, dense fog, heavy rain and snow, reveals unexpected obstacles, improves visibilities of road. It is designed for instant installation on any vehicles with high affordability and is the perfect choice of driving assistant vision system.

Features and Benefits of Thermal Imaging Driving Assistant System
Rugged and compact design
Short response time & high refreshing frequency
NUC-free IR images with high quality during the whole driving process
Super-wide viewing range (Wide-angle lens)
4 times further detection range than traditional headlight
Hermetically sealed water & dust proof

Technical Specifications ofThermal Imaging Driving Assistant System

Imaging Performance
Detector Type Microbolometer UFPA 384 x 288,25μm
Spectral Range 8 to14μm
Field of View 40.5° x 31°
Focus/Min Focusing 13mm lens,1m
Image Frequency 50Hz PAL
Output PAL/NTSC composite video
Connector Type LEMO-HEAOB309/FGAOB309 plug
Input Voltage 12V DC ± 3V DC
Power dissipation 4W
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature Range -45℃~+65℃
Encapsulation Hermetically sealed enclosure
Physical Characteristics
Camera Weight Top≤0.68kg; Front≤0.6kg
Camera Size Top: 84×86×78mm Front: 76×58×75mm
Detection Range 2.3m vehicle >600m; 1.7m people >250m

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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Visual image
IR Image
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