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Infrared Images
About Infrared

What is Infrared?
Infrared radiation, also know as "IR", is one type of radiation that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum.
Infrared that exist in the nature world is one of the most extensive electromagnetic radiation. Any object with more intense molecular and atomic movement emits more energy radiation.

Benefits of IR Thermographic and Imaging
- Thermal camera can inspect working electrical systems non-destructively. No need for contact or shutting down the system, thermal camera is easier and safer to use. 
- Thermal camera can work continuously in dark, bad weather and any harsh environment.
- Thermal camera can work over a long distance or in a wide area.
- Thermal camera can be applied both for detecting fast moving objects or transient targets.
- Thermal camera penetrates through smog, dust, rain, snow, and more. They could make a clear target image.

What is un-cooled thermal imager?
The un-cooled thermal imager requires no cooling and is therefore easier and cheaper to use. It is mainly applied in industrial thermography, predictive and preventative maintenance, night vision, building inspection, firefighting, law enforcement, short or medium range security monitoring, etc.

What is cooled thermal imager?
A cooled thermal imager works at lower temperature and therefore performs superiorly to un-cooled thermal imager. However, a cooled thermal imager costs much more than an un-cooled imager. Cooled thermal imager is mainly applied medical diagnose, research & development, forest fire-prevention, long range security monitoring, etc.

Components of the Infrared Thermal Imager
Generally, an infrared thermal imager comprised of infrared optical lens, an infrared detector, imaging and processing electronics and a display.
Target's infrared radiation passes through the atmosphere to the infrared optical lens, and focus on the photosensitive surface of the detector. Then it is translated into the video signals by the electronic simplifying and processing system. Finally, it is presented on a display.