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IR Fever Sensing System

GUIDIR®IR236 On-line IR Fever Sensing System

IR Fever Sensing System
IR236 Fever Sensing System is a thermal camera that specializes in taking thermal images even on the flowing crowds. It is capable of distinguishing those with elevated temperature and helps prevent fatal virus like SARS and H1N1. Therefore, this thermal camera is ideal for airports, ports, stations and other crowded places.

Applications of IR Fever Sensing System
Control and decrease the spreading of disease with precursor of fever, like SARS and H1N1, ideal for massive temperature control in public assembly area, such as airports, ports, railway stations and etc.

Features and Benefits of IR Fever Sensing System
Precise single & multiple hot spots tracing and alarm
Razor-sharp visual and thermal imaging
Real-time high-frequency data capture transmission and storage
Block-free communication with database and network commanding station
Intelligent object differentiation avoiding false alarm and interference
Professional but easy-to-use software enabling maintenance free

Technical Specifications of IR Fever Sensing System

Image Performance
Detector Type Uncooled FPA microbolometer (384× 288 pixels, 25μm)
Spectral range 8~14μm
Filed of View(FOV) 14°×10°/40mm
Thermal Sensitivity ≤0.1℃ at 30℃
Response Time 7ms
Bad pixels <1%
Temperature Range 0℃-50℃
Frame Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Field of View(FOV) 13.7°×10.3°
Focusing Range 50cm-∞
Non-uniformity Calibration Auto/Manual
Video Output PAL/NTSC
Remote Control RS485 serial communication
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -20~60℃
Storage Temperature -40~60℃
Power System
Power Supply 110/220V AC adapter
Power Requirements 16V
Physical Characteristics
Camera Dimensions 430mm×240mm×40mm
Weight 2kg( excluding PC)

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