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Thermcore IP384 Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore IP384 Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore IP384
Thermal Imaging Module

The IP384 thermal imaging module series is an uncooled long-wave thermal imaging module which supports network video server technology. It provides network video transmission and monitoring functions with TCP/IP standard network protocol facilitating a centralized network monitoring and remote control. It has various lenses options for different missions.

The thermal imaging module features a compact light design with crisp and clear high quality thermal image with powerful processing functions like auto brightness and contrast, intelligent image enhancement, pseudo image display and others. It comes with standard ONVIF interface and H.264/MEPG video compression protocol for easy integration. It offers supervision seven days a week and 24 hours a day regardless lighting, weather conditions or environment. Additionally it has temperature measurement and Delta-Temp alarm function.

The thermal imaging module is the perfect product to address the demanding needs on perimeter and intruder detection for airports, ports, critical infrastructures, utilities, government buildings and private residences. Whatever the application, the thermal imaging module meets the specifications for an ideal security and surveillance monitoring solution.

Specifications of the Thermal Imaging Module

Detector type UFPA microbolometer, Asi
Pixels 384 × 288
Pitch 25μm
Spectral range 8μm~14μm
NETD ≦80mk - 30℃
Focus 8 mm 13 mm 25 mm 40 mm 75 mm 100 mm 150mm
F# 0.8 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.0
FOV 61.9° × 48.5° 40.5° × 30.9° 21.7° × 16.4° 13.7° × 10.3° 7.3° × 5.5° 5.5° × 4.1° 3.7° × 2.7°
Man 1.8m × 0.5m Detection 161 m 261 m 502 m 803 m 1505 m 2007 m 3011 m
Recognition 40 m 65 m 125 m 201 m 376 m 502 m 753 m
Vehicle 2.3m × 2.3 Detection 442 m 718 m 1380 m 2208 m 4140 m 5520 m 8280 m
Recognition 110 m 179 m 345 m 552 m 1035 m 1380 m 2070 m
Actual range may vary subject to the camera set-up, the environment and experience of the operator and other equipment such as monitor or displays. 50% probability of achieving objective at the range indicated given 2⁰ difference in temperature change and 0.85-Km atmospheric attenuation.
Video output Digital H.264/MPEG Analog PAL (25Hz) - NTSC (30Hz)
Digital zoom 2X, 4X
Image processing 4 types of Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Brightness and Contrast adjustment Auto-Semi-auto
Polarity black and white, black and white inverse
Palette 8 palettes black and white, black and white inverse, blue-red, iron-bow, rainbow, high contrast, hot metal, amber
Power system
Power supply 12VDC±3VDC (POE available)
Power dissipation ≤4.5W - 25℃
Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature -20℃ to 50℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to 70℃
Humidity None-condensing humidity in the range 5% to 95%
Interface Power, series port, analog video, RJ45 network, TF card socket
Physical Characteristics
Weight 360g (excluding lens)
Size 115 mm × 74 mm × 72 mm
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