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Thermcore CQ Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore CQ Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore CQ
Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

The cooled thermal imaging module combines QWIP -quantum well infrared photodetector- with a real time digital imaging processing circuit. Its guide infrared has developed high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels cooled. With smaller and few bad pixels provides great uniformity image quality, sharper and crisper, not affected by flickering light on the sea or snow achieving longer detection range.

The cooled thermal imaging module has small size, light weight, low noise, high thermal sensitivity, good non-uniformity, taking the lead in the global IR industry. It has long wave cooled detector offering better performance even in heavy dust areas like deserts where the detection range remains unaffected.

The cooled thermal imaging module is not easily affected by flickering sunlight making it especially suitable for long range surveillance on the sea and snowy days providing a better visual impression to the end user. It has fast cooling, shorter startup time and it can be totally customized to suit all requirements.

Specifications of the Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Detector material Quantum well long wave detector
Cooling method Stirling cycle cooling
Cooling time 4 minutes
Spectral range 7.5μm~9μm 7.5μm~9μm
Pixels 320 x 256 640 × 480
Pitch 30μm 25μm
NETD ≤15mk - 25℃ ≤15mk - 25℃
Image Presentation
Video output PAL(25Hz)NTSC(30Hz)
Digital zoom 2 X
Image enhancement DDE intelligent image enhancement technology
Contrast and brightness adjustment Auto-Manual
Polarity Black and white, black and white inverse
Power System
Power supply Image processing part 13V±1V DC Cooler 13.5V±0.3V DC
Power dissipation Image processing part ≤15W Cooler ≤60W
Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature -40℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature -45℃ to 70℃
Interface PAL-NTSC video, digital video interface ( network ), serial port ( Rs422 ), power input
Physical Characteristics
Weight <2.35 Kg
Size 310 mm x 174 mm x 110 mm
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