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Thermcore CM Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore CM Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Thermcore CM
Cooled Thermal Imaging Module
Combining HgCdTe high performance cooled FPA detector with a real-time digital image processing circuit, the CM cooled thermal imaging module infrared series has developed the 3rd generation of cooled FPA thermal imaging modules, taking the lead in the global IR industry. It has high sensitivity and high resolution image for better target recognition.

The cooled thermal imaging module has compact size and low noise that greatly enhance its working performance. It also has an adaptive dimming with strong stability, automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast to improve image quality and easily achieve reconnaissance, search and identification.

Thermcore CM series are very appropriate system for discovering targets from a vehicle, building, construction projects, ocean navigation and border surveillance, providing a clear and stable infrared image at night and in adverse weather conditions. The cooled thermal imaging module has a compact and rugged design with light weight, easy for direct use or integration with other equipment.

Specifications of the Cooled Thermal Imaging Module

Detector material Cooled FPA microbolometer HgCdTe
Cooling method Stirling cycle cooling
Cooling time 8 minutes
Spectral range 3μm~5μm
Pixels 320 x 256 640 × 512
Pitch 30μm x 30μm 15μm × 15μm
NETD ≤25mk - 25℃
Video output PAL (25Hz) NTSC (30Hz)
Digital zoom 2 X
Image enhancement Image filtering and sharpening function
Contrast and brightness adjustment Auto-Manual
Polarity Black and white, black and white inverse
Power system
Power supply 24 VDC 110/220VAC adapter
Power dissipation cooling 25W; stable 20W
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -40℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature -45℃ to 65℃
Command and control Power RS422, RCA-BNC
Physical characteristics
Weight 2.3 Kg (excluding lens)
Size 260 mm x 106 mm x 116 mm (excluding lens)
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