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IR 23x Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera

GUIDIR® IR 23x Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera
IR 23x

Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera

The IR23X long range thermal surveillance camera series features high sensitivity HgCdTe cooled FPA detector. It provides observation and target acquisition capabilities in diverse weather conditions. The long range thermal surveillance camera is used for WFOV for wide scope search and NFOV for target details recognition, both choices available by switching lens. It also has different FOV lens optional to satisfy a variety of applications.

The long range thermal surveillance camera has 320 × 256 high performance cooled detector and crisp thermal image with high pixels. It can be applied to secure borders with long range searching and detection. It's ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders working great through smoke, fog and total darkness where anything can't be hidden. It has an intelligent software to help to preset and analyze in the inspection area.

Specifications of the Long Range Thermal Surveillance Camera

IR231 IR232
Imaging Performance
Detector Type
Pixels 320 × 256
Pitch 30μm
Spectral Range
Frame Frequency
NETD ≤30mk - 30℃
Focal length 22 mm, 150 mm, 600 mm, 240 mm, 60 mm
F# 4 2
WFOV 24.6° x 19.8° 9.2° x 6.9°
MFOV 3.67° x 2.93°
NFOV 0.92° x 0.73° 2.3° x 1.7°
Focus Automatic
Electronic zoom 2X, 4X optional
Visual Camera
FOV 42°×1.6°, 26X optical continuous zoom, 12X electronically continuous zoom
Focus The same as thermal camera
Azimuth angle 0° to 360°, 0-65°/S
Pitching angle -45° to 60°, 0-30°/S
Programmable search Preset 80 points
Built in test Yes
External Control
Control box Yes
Software control Yes
Video Output
Video output PAL-NTSC optional
Communication protocol Pelco D
Intelligent Image Process
Image enhancement Yes
Auto gain control Yes
Image tracking algorithm Yes
Environmental Specification
Operating temperature -20℃ to 50℃(-40℃ to 60℃ Optional)
Storage temperature -40℃ to 60℃
Encapsulation IP66
Air-tight seal Nitrogen
Shock 25g, IEC68-2-29
Vibration 2g, IEC68-2-6
Auto defrost Yes
Physical Characteristics
Size 434 mm × 230 mm × 275 mm(excluding pantile)
Weight 20 Kg(excluding pantile)
Detection range 2.3 m vehicle >20km
Recognition range 2.3 m vehicle >12km


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