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IR2137 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera

GUIDIR® IR2137 Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera

Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera

The dual-FOV stationary thermal surveillance camera is used for WFOV for wide scope search and NFOV for target details recognition. It's applied to secure limits with long range searching and detection, ideal to be installed in coastal or land borders. The stationary thermal surveillance camera has 384 × 288 pixels high-resolution and 25μm uncooled FPA technology.

With system compatibility and easy operation, the stationary thermal surveillance camera works perfectly through smoke, fog and total darkness, with dual-FOV optical system makes that any shadiness or illegality can't hide. The stationary thermal surveillance camera has integrated image processing software with high reliability, is the perfect choice for border security and law enforcement.

Specifications of the Stationary Thermal Surveillance Camera

Detector material UFPA microbolometer
Spectral range 8~14μm
Pixels 384 × 288
Pitch 25μm × 25μm
NETD ≤120mk
Lens 45.7 mm, 137 mm, F1.1 motorized lens
WFOV 11.99° × 9.01°
NFOV 4.01° × 3.01°
Image Presentation
Video output PAL
Frame frequency 50Hz
Adjust Auto-manual brightness and contrast adjustment
Electronic zoom × 2 × 4
Polarity Black and white, black and white inverse
Display External display equipment
Command and control RS232-485, optional
Video output Analog composite video output
Power System
Power supply 24VDC, 110-220VAC adapter
Power dissipation 8W
Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature -20℃ to 50℃ (-40℃ to 60℃ optional )
Storage temperature -40℃ to 60℃
Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Size 357.6 mm × 186 mm × 177 mm
Weight 9 Kg
Detection range 2.3m vehicle>4km


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