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Camera Thermal Network Camera

KnightIR IP Camera Thermal Network Camera

Thermal Network Camera

The thermal network camera system is the perfect solution for all the requirements of 24/7 security and surveillance. The camera uses thermal imaging which allows users to detect people, objects and incidents in complete darkness or difficult conditions like smoke, haze, dust and light fog with option for multiple lenses.

The thermal network camera has functions up to two simultaneous video streams with H.264 and MPEG compression. IP cameras feature IP and analog outputs in the same package and when used in a network system, it features a full suit of alarm functions. In addition, the thermal network camera has intelligent cross-border alarm and intruder alarm.

Specifications of the Thermal Network Camera

IP Camera series
Detector type UFPA microbolometer Asi
Pixels 384 × 288
pitch 25μm
Spectral Range 8μm~14μm
NETD <80mk - 30℃
Focal Length 25mm 40mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
F# 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.0
FOV 21.7°×16.4° 13.7°×16.4° 7.3°× 5.5° 5.5°×4.1° 3.7°×2.7°
Man 1.8m×0.5m Detection 500m 800m 1500m 2000m 3000m
Recognition 250m 400m 750m 1000m 1500m
Vehicle 2.3m×2.3m Detection 1200m 2000m 3500m 4500m 5000m
Recognition 500m 800m 1500m 1200m 2000m
Image presentation
Video output Digital H.264/MPEG Analog PAL (25Hz)
Digital zoom 2 x , 4 x
Image processing 4 types of Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Palette 9 palettes black and white, black and white inverse, blue-red, iron-bow, rainbow, high contrast, hot metal, amber, amber inverted
Electric interface Power, serial port, analog video, RJ45 network
Power system
Power supply 12V DC
Power dissipation ≤6W - 25°
Environmental specification
Operating temperature -10° to 50°
Storage temperature -20° to 60°
Physical characteristics
Weight 360 g (excluding lens)
Size 178 mm x 53 mm x 80 mm (excluding lens)


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