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Infrared Safety Monitoring System

KnightIR SF Infrared Safety Monitoring System

Infrared Safety Monitoring System

The infrared safety monitoring system belongs to our affordable SF-series and is highly compatible. It employs the security industries' standard interfaces for power and video connections. Different lenses and holder options are available to suit specific requirements.

The design of the infrared safety monitoring system guarantees round-the-clock safety monitoring with a smooth high frequency image, even in the harshest environments. The image is further enhanced digitally to ensure properly contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions.

Applications cover from industrial monitoring to city or port security monitoring.
The infrared safety monitoring system has rich image processing functions with high-speed automatic focus, digital detail enhancement and pseudo-color display. It has HD passive infrared video that completely covers high-definition monitoring without any kind of illumination. The infrared safety monitoring system has the maximum or minimum temperature alarm operating for security supervision or fire detection. It has standard interface, easy to install and integrate into your own system ensuring the best scrutinize at any time.

Specifications of the Infrared Safety Monitoring System

Detector material UFPA microbolometer, Asi
Resolution 384 x 288, 25um
Spectral range 8~14um
NETD <80mk - 30℃
Focal length 8 mm 13 mm 25 mm 40 mm 75 mm 100 mm 150 mm
F# 0.8 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.0
FOV 61.9°x 48.5° 40.5° x 30.9° 21.7° × 16.4° 13.7° × 10.3° 7.3° × 5.5° 5.5° × 4.1° 3.7° × 2.7°
Image Presentation
Video output Analog video PAL (25Hz) NTSC (30Hz)
Zoom X2, X4
Image enhancement Image filtering and sharpening function
Brightness and Contrast Auto-manual adjustment
Palettes 9 palettes black and white, black and white inverse, blue-red, iron-bow, rainbow, high contrast, hot metal, amber, amber inverted
Communication Interface
Interface Type BNC and RS485
Pan-tilt (optional)
Azimuth angle 0° ~ 355° 7.5°/S 0°~360° 0.01°~ 30°/S
Programmable search -90° ~ +6° 6°/S Preset 80 points
Power input AC24V (with PTZ) DC 12V (without PTZ)
Power consumption AC24V/ 100W (with PTZ) DC 12V/ 25W (without PTZ)
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -20° to +50°
Storage temperature -40° to 60°
Humility 5% to 95% (non-condensation)
Encapsulation IP66


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